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Since 1996, TravelPets.com has been bridging the gap between the traveling pet owner looking for a pet friendly place to rest their heads and the properties that are able to provide these accomodations.With over 1.4 million viewers per month, our site has grown to be the top advisory for people traveling with their pets. From prestigious continental hotels to cozy inns, bed-and-breakfasts, country cabins, and roadside motels, our visitors have access to a deluxe database of over 6,000 accommodations around the globe that accept pets.

Bulk Rates
TravelPets.com Listing Information Upload Fee
Pet Friendly Properties One time upload fee per listing
1-100 $35.00 US Dollars per Listing
101-200 $30.00
201-300 $25.00
301-400 $20.00
401-500 $15.00
501 & up $10.00

We ask that bulk listings be sent on disc (cd, zip or floppy) in comma delimited format. Please contact: jennifer@travelpets.com

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