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Nearly six million Americans travel with their pets. The best way to fly with them? Use airline-approved small pet carriers like this Sherpa brand, around $60 to $80. Most pet tickets run around $50.

Bigger dogs need to fly in "luggage class." About $100, depending on the airlines, and generally safe. Your pet will need a health certificate from the vet and plenty of water. Try to avoid stopovers -- fly direct if you can. And shy away from DC-10's. Their cargo holds get especially hot in summer. OK, you and your furry friend have reached your destination. Now, where to stay?

More than 10,000 hotels across the country allow pets -- laying out both the welcome mat and the water dish. The Holiday Inn in Kissimmee, Florida is a good example. A few years ago the hotel unleashed its "Pets Are Welcome" program, featuring special services for pets and their families. The hotel even gives out welcome bags filled with toys and treats. Special door signs are used to alert housekeeping and other personnel. And if your pet needs a little extra pampering, just ask for a dog or a cat bed.

Here's the ultimate way to avoid that sad sack look when you leave your best friend behind. This time, when the family takes a trip, Hunter books a room at the Doggie Hotel. Welcome to the Kennel Club in Los Angeles, where your four-legged friend gets the five-star treatment. With "Yappy Hour," doggie movies, a little time on the treadmill, or an afternoon swim.

For $55 a night, your dog stays at one of fourteen theme cottages, like the "101 Dalmatians" cottage. Other pet pampering services include a doggie massage: $40 an hour. I tell you, it's a dog's life -- though there are also luxury kitty condos for $20 a day. So, no matter where you and your yappy friend go, make sure you check ahead for pet-friendly properties.

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